The Sustainable Development Goals – hereby SDGs – are an extension to the previous global Millennium
Development Goals (2000-2015). The SDGs constitute a post-2015 development agenda with a vision for
equity, sustainability, peace and security, and the elimination of poverty. The SDGs come with a number of
similarities and differences. Seventeen goals are defined which are universal, applying to high, middle and lowincome countries (see Table X in the Appendix). The SDGs are interconnected and encourage a multi-sectorial
perspective for improving the lives of future generations; partnerships are thus central to achieving the SDGs.
An official list of indicators has been created to monitor progress in implementing the SDGs, with United
Nations Development Programme (UNDP) the key international body guiding implementation (see Table X in
the Appendix). Furthermore, a number of international forums, and meetings, have been established to
domesticate and raise awareness on the SDGs, for example: Data4SDGs: http://www.data4sdgs.org/.

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