Kenya SDGs Scoping Report 2017


Kenya being a member of the United Nations participated in the SDGs
processes at national, regional, and global levels including during the adoption
of the SDGs agenda. Since the adoption of the Agenda 2030, the Government of
Kenya, non-state actors, and development partners have committed to the
implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of the agenda.
The agenda was adopted when Kenya was already implementing its long term
Economic blueprint for accelerating the transformation of the country into a
rapidly industrializing middle-income nation by the year 2030. The Kenyan
Vision 2030 comprising of three key pillars; Economic, Social, and Political
provides the frameworks for the integration of the three dimensions of
sustainable development.
The Economic Pillar aims to achieve and sustain an average economic growth
rate of 10 percent per annum until 2030. The Social Pillar seeks to build a just
and cohesive society with social equity in a clean and secure environment. The
Political Pillar aims to realize a democratic political system founded on issue-based politics that respects the rule of law, and protects the rights and
freedoms of every individual in Kenyan society.

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