Mapping Health Resource Partner Institutions (HRPI): Modelling a sustained approach for strengthening health governance and stewardship in low-income countries

Date of Publication: 
September 2012

The mapping of Health Resource Partner Institutions (HRPIs) in Mali produced important insights into their strengths, weaknesses, and impact on the stewardship and governance capacity of the Ministry of Health (MoH). The recommendations stemming from this study can, and should,be implemented through tangible actions, including good governance and reliable leadership; stronger human resource development policy; better access to funding and good healthcare; and,stronger involvement on the part of all stakeholders by harmonizing actions and supporting mutual accountability and responsibility.

Specific recommendations regarding management issues focus on improving the operation of the MOH human resource directorate and strengthening the national policy for human resource development. Study respondents recommended that to avoid the politicized management of human resources, managers and staff in the MOH should receive decent salaries and benefits. Strengthening the development, implementation and monitoring of national health policy is also necessary for both HRPIs and the MoH. Health policies, norms, and procedures should be widely disseminated and understood by all stakeholders to ensure the harmonious implementation of the national health policy. In addition, the roles of the actors involved in policy implementation must be clearly defined and regulatory framework for public and private interventions in the health sector must be improved, in part by training all stakeholders in terms of the sector-wide policies and the decentralization process.

Other recommendations resulting from this study are to improve health sector coordination, improve the research capacity of the health sector, and increase resources to the health sector by identifying additional sources of funding and developing mechanisms for improved resource mobilization. Building the leadership and governance capacity of the MoH is highly recommended as it the increased involvement of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)

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