Uganda draft revised Uganda SDGs


This report is about the status of Health and Health related SDG implementation in
Uganda and the extent to which Health Policy Think Tanks (HPTT) are involved in
implementation. It provides an overview of the institutional and coordination
structures for implementation of the SDGs. It also identifies key stakeholders like health
and Health think tanks that can play a key role in the rolling out of Health SDGs.
“Think Tanks” are Policy Research Institutions with a key role to play in fast-tracking
the improvement of lives of people especially in Africa, by producing high-quality
research data required to address health policy challenges. A high-quality research
evidence base is essential for informing the health policy shifts required to move
towards the sustainable development goals (SDG) by 2030. The first days of SDG
implementation are critical. The initial actions taken jointly by all stakeholders in
society - including public agencies, civil society and the private sector - will set the
foundation for success or failure in the years to come. To this end, the first 1,000 dayswindow of SDG implementation has been identified as the critical window for action
for “Starting Strong”. The potential of think tanks to contribute to “Starting Strong’ -
and to continuing strong - is however constrained by a variety of factors in Africa,
including national governance context, and the limited available support to build think
tank’s capacities and to ensure their sustainability.

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