Media Advocacy

Date of Publication: 
April 2019

How to Develop an Action-Oriented Media Advocacy Plan and Messages

The process of disseminating policy-related information through the communications media, especially where the aim is to effect action, a change of policy, or to alter the public's view of an issue
Use of Mass Media to advance public policy initiatives.
Use of Mass Media to influence opinion, mobilize community activists and influence decision-makers to create a change in policy
Purposeful and planned use of mass media to bring problems and possible policy solutions to the attention of the community and policy-makers.
Strategic use of mass media to support community or groups of individuals working to advance a social or policy initiative
The goal is to stimulate dialogue, debate, diagnosis of the problem
Media advocates target policymakers and those who can be mobilized to influence them
Media advocacy treats audiences as citizens in a democratic process designed to change policies that shape environments

Important: have to reach the right decision maker with the right message at the right time

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